Chemistry of your skin care is just like a recipe. You have to build the perfect one in order to get a positive result. If you need to make a delicious dish for yourself, you will use the best ingredients and that is the case with skin care as well. Remember, a poorly formulated skin care product can cause havoc on your complexion.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

It depends on what type of a product you are trying to build. This is why your ingredients may include exfoliants, cell simulators, antioxidants, etc. Mostly such products are combined in order to make a complete skin care product.

Researchers claim that you need to keep a close eye on the fact that how the ingredients are prepared for you.  How they are heated and cooked and how they are presented in front of you.

Try to filter out all the ingredients and always select the ones which suit your skin. Search for your skin type and ask people around before adding it up in your skin care product recipe.

Using the Right Amount

The skin care companies are always required to reveal the contents of their skin care products but they still don’t reveal the amount of these contents. Researchers claim that even if two products use the similar ingredients but change the amount being used for particular contents, the results can vary.

For instance, 90% water, 7% arbutin and 3% lactic acid is expected to give you a brighter skin while on the other hand, 88% water, 6% arbutin and 6% lactic acid gives you more exfoliation. Therefore, choosing the right amount for the ingredients is equally important.

Selecting the Right Combination

In order to make the perfect final product, make sure that the ingredients are able to interact with each other. The formula for the final product counts a lot.

Most skin care brands simply respond after they dilute the key ingredients in their formulas. This helps in making the final product less damaging as compared to other products.

Your job is to find those perfect ingredients which are good for your skin then you must mix them up in the simplest way possible. Make sure that you have chosen the right amount. Lastly, you should know whether these ingredients will gel well or not. Mix them up and apply them on yourself so you can get the type of skin you always wanted.