Here is something new to learn today! This tutorial is going to serve as a guide to help you make your own nail polish which you can apply. The good thing about making your own nail polish is that you can experiment with different shades to come up with a newer colour.

Things You Will Need

  • Pigment/Eyeshadow of your own choice.
  • A clear nail polish.
  • A container where you can put your own nail polish.
  • A clean brush.
  • A plastic bag.

How to Create Nail Polish Using Eyeshadow/Pigment

pigment nail polish

First of all you need to choose a pigment or an eyeshadow of your choice. This means that you can select any shade and any brand. Once you have selected your favourite colour, put it in a plastic bag. Mostly a sandwich bag is used in this case so that the whole pigment or eyeshadow can be covered.

Once it is in a bag, start using the back of your brush to crush the pigment or eyeshadow. Keep crushing it until it goes into a powder form. Ideally this should take at least ten to fifteen minutes. It depends upon the amount of force that you are applying. During the time you are crushing the eyeshadow or pigment, make sure that you don’t end up puncturing the bag. The bag helps you contain the powder and you don’t want it to leak out.

Once the pigment or eyeshadow has been fully crushed, use scissors to cut the plastic bag from the corner. This hole is used to pour out the powder from the bag and into the container. An empty pigment jar is mostly used as a container in this case.

Now the clear nail polish will be needed. Simply open the bottle cap and start pouring it into the same pigment jar. This means that you are now mixing up the liquid with the solid particles that you made.

There is not a specific amount of clear nail polish that you need to pour in the jar. Mostly, the clear nail polish is poured until the jar is full.

Now use your brush to fully mix the powder with the solution that you have added into the picture. Keep mixing until the colour is fully mixed. This should ideally take you around 10 minutes, depending upon the size of the particles that were crushed inside the bag. The smaller the particles, the easier it is to make the nail polish.

Congratulations, you have now managed to make the nail polish with the help of an eyeshadow/pigment.

You can now apply it with the help of the same brush that you used to mix up the solution.