Eye make-up is actually a fad which is followed for a very short span of time and then the fashion eventually changes. Women of the 90’s era would wear dark eyeliner so their eyes would look small and dark. However, that has changed. These days’ women want their eyes to look bigger.

There is nothing in the world of make-up that cannot happen. If you know how to utilize your make-up kit in the right manner, you can actually accomplish anything. If you want your eyes to look bigger than they actually are, you need to follow certain tips and you will be good to go.

Scroll down to see how you can work around your eyes to make them look bigger.

Steps to Make Your Small Eyes Seem Bigger

Do you think you have small eyes? No problem! You just need to follow these tips in order to make them look bigger.

First of all, start applying matte nude shadow over your entire lid. This helps your eye become far more prominent than it actually is. The person looking at your face would look straight to your eyes since they will have something different to offer.

Now grab a brown or taupe eyeliner. Stretch your eyes wide open. Lightly start applying the eyeliner in the upper and lower lids. Make sure that you move from the inner corner to the outer corner. It is advised that you use a heavier tone on the outside corners since they will be the most prominent to the people seeing you.

Now you are going to require another shadow. It is preferable that you select a shade that is darker than the shade of the eyeliner you selected in the previous step.

Once you have selected the eyeshadow, start applying it on your eyes. It must be applied right outside the crease that you made. Once it has been applied, you can use your finger to blend the two shades together. The finger will also help you give a thicker effect as compared to the brush.

Once you have managed to blend the two shades together, it is time for you to apply the mascara. Finish your look off by using two coats of the mascara you are planning to apply. This mascara will make your eyes seem even bigger since it covers a large area around them.


The steps mentioned above are going to help your eyes seem bigger. You will observe a significant change once you pull off the look. If you believe that there are other tips that might help in this case, please share them with us in the comment section.