If you want your lashes to look fuller and thicker, then you need to learn how to curl them like a pro. A few of us were born with a natural curl, while others need to do it artificially. In order to do that, an eyelash curler is a necessity. The curler will help you instantly lift the eyes and this makes them appear more open than they actually are.

The first thing you are going to need is an eyelash curler. There are several available in the market and you can always ask the shopkeeper about the best one in the list if you are not in there to buy a cheap one. If you want to create natural looking curled eyelashes, you need to learn the best way to curl them. Here are a few steps to guide you through the overall process.

Steps to Curl Your Lashes

First of all, start from the base of your lashes. Always make sure that all the lashes are in the curler. There should be no skin in the eyelash curler. Hold the curler up for three seconds; if you do it for more than three seconds, you will end up crimping the lashes and not curling them.

The lashes are supposed to be curled in three segments. At first you need to take care of the base, then you have to move to the middle of the last and lastly you have to move to the top of the lash. This is going to give you an absolutely natural curl.

Now once you are done with the curling bit, it is time for you to separate the lashes. For this you are going to require your favourite mascara. It depends on which mascara you use, but it is advised that you always keep a check on the beauty products that you purchase every now and then. Always look out for the best products in the cosmetics store you visit

Several people even suggest that the eyelash curler should first be warmed by a blow dryer. However, it is not really advised because once you do warm it up, then you are expected to take the hot metal close to your eye and it can always be dangerous. You don’t want to risk anything there. In fact, it is advised that you opt for a little expensive curler which gives you the desired results but of course at a premium price.