Dieting brings plenty of goods, but a few problems as well. It affects your body in multiple ways. You change eating habits when dieting, and this could result in heartburn. Indigestion occurs, because the body tries to adjust to the new diet food.

Anyone can develop eating habits, which may produce stomach acid. But there is no need to worry, because we have a solution for this. You can easily get rid of this trouble by planning your meals.

Controlling stomach acid simply means altering the way you eat. Avoiding certain food further helps you in this regard. Following are a few very easy steps to reduce stomach acid when dieting.

It is very important that you eat small meals every time. Having large meals eventually increases the quantity of acid in your stomach. For example, if you eat eight slices of bread a day, it is better to eat only two at a time. Breaking down the meals and eating more often will surely help you tackle this issue.

The second thing is to eat slowly. Take maximum time when eating. Chew the food properly, and let the digestion work accurately. It is very common practice that we gulp down the food quickly, whenever we feel hungry. As a result, we put a lot burden on stomach. This creates acid.

Never eat fatty and spicy food. When dieting, this should be done anyway. Eat only those things, which are easy to digest. For example, a big cheese burger is very hard to digest and as a result, the quality of acid in stomach increases.

Completely stay away from caffeine, which is largely found in carbonated drinks and coffee. This compound makes the stomach’s life very hard, and produces a lot of acid.

Exercise is another good thing to do in order to control acid. Your stomach tries to digest everything no matter how difficult it is. So, by doing activity you provide assistance in this regard. Aerobic is the best activity. Meanwhile, you have to manage stress wisely, because this can create stomach acid.

List down everything you eat. It is essential that you maintain a catalogue of what you eat. Food that triggers indigestion should be avoided. Like if you feel an upset stomach, you should consult your journal and find out what things you need to avoid next time.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. A handy amount of liquid not only soothes the stomach, but also helps you lose weight. At least eight glasses of fresh water are recommended.

Tips & Warnings:

– Indigestion can be caused by some medicines. Consult your doctor, if feeling discomfort after taking medication.