Tired of looking at your computer screen and scrolling through different pages for health and fitness tips? Do you want to know about the best magazines that you could subscribe to for health and fitness tips? Many people subscribe to certain health magazines and are never satisfied with them since the information provided is either not authentic or not what they are looking for. If you are a man who has wanted to find the best health and fitness magazine for yourself, here is a list of top 5 men’s health and fitness magazines you can look into for the best information.

Body and Soul

This magazine is ten times in a calendar year. It’s considered to be the best source of information for men who are looking for articles about health and fitness. It includes topics such as prevention, the right type of diet and the exercises you should be doing on a daily basis. It was rated as the best magazine for health and fitness by Times Magazine.


Heard the phrase “good things come in small packages”, well this magazine sums that phrase up perfectly. Even though Prevention is a small magazine, it is still packed with lots of information. It covers every single topic for men including the likes of health, weight-loss, fitness, nutrition and even lifestyle. The best bit about this magazine is the fact that it is available in printed and online format both.

Men’s Health

Not only is this magazine cheap; in fact, it gives you all the information on the go. This magazine has articles related to health, fitness, nutrition and relationships. It also gives you the option to explore different exercising styles. This magazine is also available in printed and online format. However, it is far more detailed as compared to Prevention.

Health Magazine

This magazine has been rated as one of the best magazines regarding health and fitness for men since the year 1987. It publishes a wide variety of health related topics. Moreover, it does not only focus on men’s fitness and health; in fact, it targets women as well. Both the sections have been separated and both men and women can purchase this magazine. Perfect for married couples who wouldn’t want to buy separate magazines during the year.


SHAPE is a magazine which has always topped the ranking when it comes down to providing information for fashionably-fit health conscious people. It basically covers the most recent medical advice and explains how to exercise your healthy relationships.