For most of us it gets difficult when we are looking at a list of colours to figure out which ones are going to work best once they are mixed together.

Basic Rules of Pairing Eyeshadows Together

Include a Neutral

This will help you tone down the overall look of the eyeshadow.

Mix Your Finishes

Using all the finishes will make you look like a disco ball. However, if you only opt for the matte finishes, it will look too flat. Therefore, you should use the right combination of both.

Use a Light, Medium and Dark Colour

This is guaranteed to give you a well-rounded look.

Skin Tone Shades

Once you know the rules for pairing eyeshadows, it is time for blending the shades. Always keep shades that are close to your skin colour. If you have a fair skin, opt for Vanilla Bean. In case of medium skin, go for Creme Brule. For dark skins you can opt for Latte or Cocoa Bear.

In total there are two looks, monochromatic and polychromatic.

Monochromatic Looks

The word ‘mono’ means one. This means that in monochromatic looks you will work only with one shade around your eyes. However, the shade keeps varying and gives an overall look to the eye. You can use a dark, medium and light version of the same colour. You just need to know how to blend the shade well.

For instance, a light, medium and dark pink colour can give your eye an overall pink look with the light pink blending the other two on the outer circles.

Polychromatic Looks

The polychromatic shades are going to vary in terms of colour, shades and lights. As long as you are following the light, it does no matter whether the shades you are using are different or not. Basically you will be blending different colours in different shades to give yourself the polychromatic looks.

For instance, you can use blue, purple and pink to give your eye an overall polychromatic look. Use the medium blue shade on the outer part and then use purple for the darker outer corner. The lighter pink can be used to blend the colours out.

Remember that it does not matter what colours you are using for eyeshadows as long as you are following the three basic rules of pairing eyeshadows together. Always use a neutral shade. Secondly, mix your finishes and lastly always have a light, medium and dark colour in the mix of colours that you have decided to wear.