Have you ever noticed that despite getting a manicure, you still tend to get a split nail after a day or two? Or maybe the skin around the cuticles becomes dry? Even though these issues can be solved through a nail cutter; you still need to know that these are signs of unhealthy nails. Dermatologist and beauticians from all around the world came up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts for nails.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles

Cutting the cuticles is definitely not the way to go about fixing things. Dermatologists believe that cuticles are present to protect your nails from bacteria. Try using a waterless treatment in order to push the cuticles back.

Don’t Saw Nails Back and Forth

The nail shape trends keep evolving from day to day. This does not mean you keep on playing with your nails even if it is not healthy for them. Try opting for one single shape that suits you and stick to it.

Don’t Use Nails as Tools

We all make this mistake. There’s no cutter available, and you tend to open the envelope with the help of your nail; stop it. This is probably the worst idea because you risk bending your nails back.

Don’t Peel Off Old Nail Polish

We all tend to chip off the old nail polish because it looks so disgusting. This is definitely not the right way to go about things. Always opt for a remover; and make that you do not overuse it.

Don’t Overdo Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers are a second nature for many of us these days. However, whenever you are applying it, make sure that it remains intact with the skin and not your nails.

Do Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Diet plays a huge role in all the functions of the body. In order to attain strong and healthy nails, you need to keep a well-balanced diet during the day.

Do Get Manicures

A weekly manicure, even for shorter nails, is a necessity for keeping your nails healthy and strong.

Do Keep Nails Moisturized

Coconut or almond oil on your nails is the key to keeping them moisturized throughout the day. Some people who suffer from a dry skin might have a problem keeping their nails hydrated but remember that it is extremely useful in order to keep your nails healthy.

Do Be Cautious of Chemicals in Nail Products

Several products carry chemicals which are actually harmful for your nails – avoid them at any cost!