Someone asked you to eat healthy during mid-day or midnight cravings and all you could think of was a salad. It does seem healthier as compared to a burger, especially with all the greens added into the picture. However, less people know that a salad dressing is the biggest source of fat in a woman’s diet. You should know how to navigate the salad bar so you can draw lines for fats and calories.

Serve Separately

Always opt for a separate serving of vegetables, butter, mayonnaise or the dressing that you want to choose. This is going to help you select more fruits and vegetables. Always opt for a salad that has a lot of colours, especially red. You can always add a topping of grilled chicken with a breadstick in order to round the meal off.

Make Your Own

You can always make a dressing for yourself at home. This will help you outline the things which add more calories and fats to your diet. For instance you can use low fat yogurt and add a little less calorie mayonnaise and you are good to go.

Think Thin

Thinner dressings always tend to be better as compared to thicker ones. This means that you can opt for French and Italian and discard the old blue cheese and thousand islands. Such dressings can spread more easily as well.

Avoid Excess Salt

It’s true that sodium is an essential nutrient, but at times it attracts a layer of water under your skin. This starts looking like a layer of body fat and makes your skin look thicker than it actually is. This isn’t good for your muscle at all.

Keep it on the Side

Rather than opting for a dressing as a layer on top of your salad, simply pour it on the side. This is going to help you avoid eating extra calories while you are enjoying your salad.

Try Something New

If you are a fan of oil and vinegar then opt for one of those exotic vinegars which different salad bars have to offer these days. The robust flavours in such vinegars mean that you can easily avoid oil. How? It’s because you will be eating three parts of vinegar and one part of oil.

Sprinkle on the Cheese

When cheese is sprinkled on your salad, it is going to provide you with a good doze of bone-building calcium. Grated parmesan is mostly a safe bet.