A recent study revealed that human body needs at least 25% protein in a single day in order to lose weight with the help of an all-protein diet. However, what people tend do is, they start consuming more than 50% protein, which makes their everyday eating routine a high protein diet. Even though this is considered to be a weight loss technique, it has adverse effects on the human body. If you are solely eating protein and not consuming any veggies, you might start encountering certain health and fitness problems. Here are a few problems which you might face once you start an all-protein diet.

High Protein Diet Increases Your Risk Of Osteoporosis

Research suggests that women who tend to eat more protein have a higher chance of getting osteoporosis as compared to the ones who do not eat a lot of protein and keep a healthy diet. It’s true that women consuming more protein eventually end up losing more weight. However, in the long run, the bones require calcium and once it is not being received from your everyday eating activity then the body starts extracting it from your bones.

High Protein Diet Puts Strain On Your Kidneys

The rumours are true. People mostly suffer with kidney problems because they eat a high protein diet. Once you start off with a high protein diet while you have a healthy kidney, you will not be suffering with any ill effects; however, this diet is going to put strain on your kidneys. Kidneys are responsible for filtering a number of substances including protein. Therefore, people with weaker kidneys should most definitely try to avoid this diet.

High Protein Diets Contribute To Cancer

A recent study revealed how high protein diets lead to a high blood level of insulin-like growth factor -1. This growth factor, according to researchers, may contribute to different forms of cancer.

High Protein Diets Cause Nutritional Deficiencies

This is the most common risk of a high protein diet. If you have been dieting without taking in any vegetables and fruits at all, then you need to change your diet plan altogether. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. There is a possibility that your body is deprived of Vitamin E and Vitamin B once you start consuming more protein and stop your everyday dosage of fruits and vegetables. This deficiency can eventually turn into colon cancer.