People working in different industries encounter several problems which relate to their health and safety. Whether you are working in the agricultural sector, construction sector or just general manufacturing, all of these industries involve health and safety issues which you can easily avoid if you follow certain tips.

Agricultural Sector

An everyday worker in the agriculture industry encounters pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals which are not really good for your health. It is advised that in order to stay away from such chemicals you should wear a mask and also rubber gloves so that there is absolutely there is nothing harming you while you are at work. Secondly, you must always have a first aid kit alongside a trained medic available at your site so that in case there is an emergency, your personal doctor can give you the initial treatment.

Construction Sector

This is an industry where people get injured the most. Workers working in the construction industry mostly end up injuring their fingers and back. Research states that 19% of the total injuries which encounters at a construction site are on his/her fingers or thumbs. The second highest amount of injures involve their backs. The hand injuries are due to power tools, but the back injuries are mostly because of heavy lifting. In order to get rid of the muscular pain which occurs due to heavy lifting, try not to test yourself to the limit and lift weight which you can easily carry.

Manufacturing Sector

Several accidents take place in the manufacturing sector on a daily basis. However, most of them can easily be avoided. Try to keep air hoses and power cords away from thoroughfares. Secondly, remove the buckets and pallets when they are not being used. Thirdly, excess filings, shavings, materials, and off-cuts from walkways and work areas should also be removed. All delivery and storage areas should be inspected on a daily basis for any hazards. Lastly, walkways and exclusion zones should be boldly mark in the working area.

Health and Community Service Sector

Always use licensed electricians whenever you want to do any electrical work. Secondly, try to keep all the electrical equipment away from water. Moreover, the sockets outlets must be protected by a safety switch at all times. The extensions should remain covered and avoid damaging them at all costs. In case there is a problem with the extensions, you must hire an electrician to help you get rid of the problem.