Given the amount of time spent on makeup, the last thing anyone wants is to keep applying lipstick every now and then. Unfortunately, it seems like lipsticks are not made to stick since they keep coming off after a few hours. While lipsticks brands are promoting longer lasting products and what not, there are other simple and easy ways to make your lipstick last longer regardless of the season or time of the day.


Exfoliating your lips is a great way to get rid of all the dead skin on them and allow new skin cells to regenerate. Not only will exfoliation keep your lips soft and smooth, removing dead skin makes your lip less flaky and your lipstick does not wear off so easily.

Use a lip balm

If you don’t already use one, try putting up a thin coat of balm on your lips before you start applying your make up. Not only will the lip balm keep your lips moisturized, it will prevent them from drying up or cracking. Lipstick sticks much better on soft and smooth lips, consequently lasting much longer.

Get a lipliner

Using a lipliner is a great way to extent the staying time of your lipstick. Before you apply lipstick, start lining your lips to set the base for it. You can also color your lips subtly with the liner before putting on your favourite lipstick.

Apply lipstick properly

When you get around to applying the lipstick, you have to do it properly to make sure it lasts as long as possible. It is recommended that you get a lip brush for the lipstick instead of putting it up directly. Since our lips are curved and have corners, applying lipstick directly from the tube can leave out some areas and only cover the surface. The brush will help you cover the harder to reach corners and consequently apply a more complete layer. Now you should take a tissue paper and subtly blot your lips to get rid of the excess and make it stick. Finally you should apply another coat on top of the first one to finalize it.


After properly cleaning it up, you can use your lip brush, to apply concealer around the edges of your lips to give the finishing touches.

Following the steps above will make sure you get the longest time from your lipstick, no matter which color you sport or brand you use to compliment your appearance.