Several women simply overlook the fact that they need to clean their makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are an investment and you need to make sure that you get the most out of them. Moreover, unclean makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Once you start cleaning your brushes on a regular basis, you will remove old makeup, dirt and debris, dead skin cells, bacteria and oils.

Things Required for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

  1. Bar of soap
  2. Olive oil and almond oil
  3. Sponge
  4. Baby shampoo and liquid detergent
  5. Hair conditioner
  6. Clear finger nail polish
  7. Rubbing alcohol

Steps to Cleaning Your Brushes

Using Soap

First of all you need to get your hands on an unscented white soap. Wet your brush with lukewarm water. Once it has been saturated, start swirling the brush on the bar of soap until it creates lather. Now fully rinse the brush in lukewarm water. Make sure that water does not hit the shaft or it will cause rust and you will lose your brush. Once you have washed it thoroughly, squeeze the water out and leave the brush to dry for 6-8 hours.

Detergent, Baby Shampoo and Sponge

Take a sponge and wet it using lukewarm water. Squeeze a small amount of detergent or shampoo on the sponge and start swirling your brush on the sponge. Rinse your brush with lukewarm water once again. Make sure that you rinse out all the detergent/shampoo which you have applied. Keep cleaning until the brush is clean.

Olive or Almond Oil

Makeup brushes which are heavily embedded with makeup can be cleaned through olive or almond oil. Take a paper towel and pour a small amount of either olive or almond oil on it. Make sure that your brush is not soaked with oil. Once you get rid of the hard residue, simply clean the brush like you normally would.

Beauty Blenders

You can clean beauty blenders in a similar manner.  Use any of the techniques which have been mentioned above and you are good to go.

Cleaning the Handle

Now that your brushes are clean, you need to work on cleaning the handle. In order to clean the handle of your brush, simply pour rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and simply rub over the handle of your brush.

That’s it, now your whole brush is clean and far away from bacteria as well. Remember, cleaning your brushes is quite vital since it helps preserve them.