A new born baby brings along a bundle of joys and happiness.

But, what he/she also brings for the parents is a load of responsibilities. They can no longer continue on with a normal social life; have to let go of their fixed sleeping patterns and most importantly, they have to cater for even the minutest of baby needs.

Caring for a baby can be quite a ride, but it is not something which can’t be done. There are many ways through which a parent(s) can effectively manage this transitional phase. This article will focus on some of the most common facets of life which get affected by the birth of a new born baby and on how to manage them effectively.

Configure baby’s sleeping pattern

Although the newborns don’t develop a specific sleeping pattern till they are about three months old, but that can be controlled to an extent by fixing the feeding times. This will also allow the baby to get an adequate rest.


Most of the parents tend to disturb the normal routine of babies when they travel. This can cause a situation as babies don’t like their sleeping patterns to be broken. Keep the baby’s schedule intact while sleeping. Keep a carry cot in your car while travelling so that the baby can be accommodated easily.

Skin care

All the baby lotions and oils available in the market are there for a purpose; use them. Baby’s skin is very delicate and needs continuous nourishment. However make sure that you don’t use sunscreens before 6 months.

Play with the baby

This is probably the easiest part. Babies like to seek attention. Respond to your child’s stimulation and actions and try to interact in whatever gestures you can think of.


Mother’s milk is the best food for babies in the early months, but as he/she starts to grow, there are a lot of soft foods which you can start, albeit gradually. When the age is enough for solid food consumption, start off with vegetables and sweet fruit.

Diaper rash

Diapers are integral part of baby’s proper growth. They absorb the baby waste, keeping him/her dry for long enough for the parent to take notice and change it. However, with diapers, comes the risk of rash. This rash is normally due to prolonged wetness and can also be due to change in diet. As a parent, always try to change the diaper at the earliest and make sure that before putting on the next one, the baby skin is completely dry. It is recommended that you use anti rash cream.


Some parents get awfully worried when their babies cry. Although this is a natural parental reaction, but rather than fretting over why the baby is crying, check for the most basic reasons like hunger, diaper and noise. If everything is good in that regard, try to console the baby with pampering (you need to be inventive here – go for what soothes your baby).

Remember, crying is the only mode of communication that the babies have.

Image Courtesy: lowell-healthcare.com