Before we explain the three best power exercises which can be done at home with ease, let us first define what power exercises are. As the name suggest, these exercises are meant to enhance power by increasing the explosiveness i.e. the ability of muscles to react quickly to various situations.

1.         Pushups

This is one of the simplest and effective exercises, which helps in developing arms, shoulder and chest muscles. All you need is a clean flat surface (floor, hardwood etc.) and you are good to go.

To start off, come to hand and knee position, with your hands directly under the shoulder and your knees under your hips. The lower part of your body should be resting on the toes and the fingers of your hand should be straight, pointing forward. Make sure that your back is straight and the head is in line with the spine. Ideally, you should try to look slightly up, but that can put undue stress on the lower back initially.

With your posture correct, push your body down in a way that your hips don’t hike up and your chest remains parallel to the ground. Force the body down, till the elbows are fully stretched – your chin will be touching the floor at this point – and then move up. You have successfully done a pushup. They should be done in steps. Start with three sets of 5 and then gradually increase the count.

2.         Crunches

Crunches are specifically used to develop the abs. The exercise is very simple and requires a person to lie down on the floor, with the back, knees bent with the feet at an appropriate distance from the hips, usually 12 to 18 inches. Now place your hands behind the neck and raise the elbows a little. This position will be maintained throughout the set.

The upward and downward movement of crunches is synchronized by the exhalation and inhalation. To move up exhale air and after nodding the neck towards the chest, move up in such a way that all the weight is felt on the abdominal muscles; your neck should be loose. At no point should your back and feet lose contact with the mat. Sit up for a while, inhale and then gently move down. Repeat this exercise in sets.

3.         Front Plank

This exercise targets your abs and lower back. To start with, lie down on the floor on your stomach with the elbows squeezed besides the arms. Now tighten your abdominal and leg muscles and rise up gently.

With the head in line with the spine, the body weight should be on your fore arms. Keep the legs and abdomen rigid; there shouldn’t be any sagging in the body. Stay in this position for sometime and then return to down position.

If you feel stress in your lower back after doing this exercise, don’t do it again without taking doctor’s opinion.

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