Have you heard people telling you that if you want to lose weight you shouldn’t eat before sleeping? Guess what, they were wrong! Research has recently proven the fact that there are advantages of eating right before you sleep; however, you should eat the right type of food. People sometimes eat mindlessly while they are watching television during the night. Make sure that you don’t make the same mistake and take in the right amount of calories and proteins. A study showed that people who control their diets and calorie intakes are more likely to be influenced by food-related content on television, causing them to eat more calories.

We have lined up a few strategies which you can adopt during the night in order to lose weight.

Low Glycaemic Dinner

Your day, for your stomach, does not start with a healthy breakfast; it actually starts with dinner and a good night sleep. A study in an American University claims that your energy during the day does not only depend upon the breakfast which you eat, but also the dinner and the amount of sleep you have had during the night. The study has also shown that people who take low glycaemic dinner also manage to keep a control on their blood sugar.

Not All Carbs Are Fats

People have this misconception that if they take in carbs during the night, they will turn into fat. The truth about carbs is that they depend upon the amount of exercise you give to your body. This means that once you exercise, your body will start absorbing more carbohydrates. Therefore, rather than being scared of what you eat during the night and whether it contains carbs or not, start a 40-45 workout routine right before you sleep. This means that your body will be able to absorb all the carbs which you have taken in during the night and they will not convert to fat.

Eat Protein Before Sleeping

A misconception which resides amongst the people’s mind is the fact that we digest food while we are asleep. This is absolutely wrong. It’s true that your body can actually build muscle while you are asleep. How? By consuming the right kind of food before you shut your eyes. It was recently revealed in a research carried out in 2012 that once you consume protein right before sleeping, it aids in muscle growth. In order to accelerate muscle building, drink protein shake or have a bowl of Greek yogurt right before going to bed.