It’s hard to stop eating once every dish looks better than the other during the usual buffets. With such a high selection of food, not being able to control yourself sounds natural. There might be a few healthy and low calorie options available, but they are always limited in number. Moreover, whenever you are offered such high quality of food, choosing the low-calorie and healthy food is simply impossible. Here are a few tips which can help you avoid overeating during buffets.

Drink Water

Always start your meal with a big glass of water. If they are not serving water in big glasses, then drink at least four to five glasses of water. Stuff yourself up until you are full. This will help you fill your stomach up before time and you wouldn’t want to eat much. At times we get confused between thirst and hunger and in order to avoid unhealthy eating, you should drink lots of water to give yourself the idea that you are already full.

Don’t Go Hungry

If you know that you will be going on a buffet, never go there empty stomach. If you have not eaten throughout the day only to eat more at the buffet, this plan will probably backfire. Once you decide not to eat all day, you will be ending up in binge-eating uncontrollably. While you are hungry, you go through low blood sugar levels. This intensifies your hunger and eventually you’ll be making poor choices once it comes to eating food. When you will be eating high calorie foods, you will also be taking in a lot of calories, which is definitely not healthy for you. Therefore, even if you do want to eat more at the buffet, do have lighter meals throughout the day.

Opt For Fruits in Dessert

Who doesn’t like pudding, or a chocolate mousse cake? Everyone loves to grab a bite. However, if you want to avoid the in-take of more calories, fat and sugar, you should probably avoiding eating such desserts. It’s understandable that you want to end your buffet on something sweet. In order to do that, you should eat fruits rather than eating fully calorie-equipped desserts. Fruits are healthy for people who want to lose weight. Moreover, fruits such as apple must be eaten with their skin so that you in-take fibres. This will give you a feeling of being full. Added bonus is the fact that you will get something sweet to eat at the end.