Hiding dark circles under their eyes is probably the biggest problem which women face while trying to get ready in the morning. There are several reasons for dark circles such as allergies, genetics and lack of sleep. Most women opt for applying a flesh coloured concealer right under their eyes while others opt for a little extra foundation. However, if you opt for either one of these routes, you will end up having a cakey look.

You need to use the correct types of products in the right way and we are going to help you in concealing your under eye dark circles in the best way possible.

Things Required

In order to conceal your dark circles, you will require certain things. First of all, a mattifying gel. Secondly, some cosmetic concealers such as light golden for light skin; tan for medium skin; and deep golden for darker skins. You will also need a glow foundation along with a powderflage.

Moreover, you are going to need a blender sponge, foundation splitting brush and a small powder puff.

Steps to Conceal Under Eye Circles

Use the Primer

Start off by using a primer. This is definitely the first and the most important step towards concealing dark circles under your eyes. Primers do wonders once you are trying to apply concealers and foundations on your skin. They help you settle fine lines and wrinkles. Always use your clean ring finger and apply the primer gently. The ring finger is used because it has the lightest touch, which will help you abstain from pulling too hard on the area. Simply apply a smooth, thin layer on your skin and you are good to go.

Apply Concealer

Once the primer is done, it is time for you to use the concealer. It is probably the most effective tool for hiding dark circles. There is a huge debate regarding the colour to use in order to hide dark circles, but mostly a yellow coloured concealer is used if the dark circles under your eyes are blue. Just like the previous step, simply use your clean ring finger in order to pat on a thin layer of concealer.

Finish with Foundation

The last step is the easiest as you are going to apply a layer of foundation on your face to balance out the colour. Always make sure that the colour matches your skin so it can blend with your neckline to provide you with a flawless finish.