Getting a tanned skin has become a major fashion statement. People with fair skin love to get a tanned colour to their skin, which supposedly adds to their personality and sex appeal. The best method to do say is to lie down under the scorching sun, but if proper precautions in the form of sun blocks creams and lotions are not taken, a red hot sun burn comes with the package, which can be really irritating and painful.

These burns can take a lot of time to heal, but the good thing is that there certain home based remedies which can provide relief during that period. These remedies have been explained in this article.

Baking soda bath

The best method to get some relief from the sting of a sun burn is to take a bath in cold water. The results however can even be better if you add three to four table spoons of baking soda to the tub. Mix the water well and don’t soak the body for more than 15 minutes. Doing so will dry up your already irritated skin. After you are done with the bath, allow the skin to air dry instead of using towel or a cloth.

Oatmeal bath

Adding oatmeal to a cold water bath can also help you mellow down the effect of a sun burn. Add around one cup of oatmeal to the water and do not stay inside for than 15 to 20 minutes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is very common in nurseries, super stores and homes. Its gooey fluid not only helps in providing moisture to the skin, it also helps in fighting against the sunburns. Just tear the leaf and apply the liquid which comes out to the burnt area. It will constrict the blood vessels in that regions and a lesser blood circulation would provide you relief. This solution should be applied 6 to 7 times a day till the time the burn heals naturally.

Cool Compress

A cool compress can work wonders when it comes to getting a relied from sun burns. The important thing here is to avoid the use of ice in the compress, or ice packs for that matter. Always use cold water to moisten the towel, which should then be gently placed on the burnt area. It is a good idea to mix some baking soda or oatmeal powder to the water.