Exercise can be a difficult task at the best of times, however when the cold chilly winters arrive, it becomes increasingly difficult to leave the hot bed early in the morning and indulge in a workout or a simple jog/walk. This is however not the only problem; you have to change the ways and techniques you indulge in exercises. It therefore becomes necessary to prepare yourself mentally and physically. In this article, we will present some excellent tips to ensure a regular exercise routine during winters.

1. Avoid places which are dark and ensure that the floor or the pavement on which you are carrying out the exercise in not too slippery. Take into account the dew factor while walking on the grass.

2. During rainy days, avoid the outdoor routine. For these days, we recommend you do stretches at home. It is also essential that you have no wet clothes because you can catch cold.

3. When you’re exercising in cold days try to always inhale through the nose. This way, the air is heated before reaching the bronchi and can help you avoid respiratory infections.

4. The winter sun increases the production of endorphins. Moreover, if you are in a park surrounded by trees, make an effort to breathe more and more fresh air as it will strengthen your immune system.

5. Adequately protect your throat, hands, ears, and those parts exposed to the cold.

6. Dress in layers, it will give you more protection against cold. While dressing, ensure that the clothing is appropriate for the type of endeavor you are about to undertake. There is always a specific kit for every sport or exercise.

7. Go for a variety of exercises; don’t limit yourself to running/jogging/walking. You can indulge in skating, bicycling, Martial Arts or any other sport of your choice. The aim is to maintain the interest.

8. Warm ups are an essential before every exercise. Always ensure that you stretch your body to an optimum level before indulging in any sort of workout. This is especially essential during winters as the muscles are contracted and can displace easily causing spasms and aches.

– Image Courtesy: womansday.ninemsn.com.au