It is a common misconception that a woman cannot lose weight while breastfeeding.

In fact there is a thinking that mothers should not try to lose weight while feeding the baby because it will decrease the amount of milk. Crash dieting is harmful but small changes in lifestyle can do you good. Mothers who are breastfeeding often worry if the baby is well fed. Our elders tell us that we need to eat more to produce the needed milk supply. These old beliefs scare women. It is a good time in a new mother’s life and you shouldn’t be scared of it. Do not rush the weight loss as you have been carrying the weight for around 9 months, it will take time to go away.

The benefit of breastfeeding is that it burns around 500 calories a day. Go to a walk with the baby in the pram as exercise always speeds up the process. Do not start on heavy exercises unless your physician gives you permission. It is said that it usually takes a month to a month and a half before you can start a proper exercise routine. Do not target to lose weight like a normal person who isn’t breastfeeding. Aim for around 2 pounds a week which is a healthy weight loss. The pre pregnancy weight will be achieved in 4 to 6 months with some exercise and control.

Whatever diet plan you choose, do not let it affect your calorie intake. Ideally, women are required to consume 220o calories in a day. If a mother is breastfeeding, she needs to consume 500 more calories to compensate for the energy lost when feeding which makes a total of 2700 calories. Sometimes the doctors recommend decreasing the calories or increasing them because of some health issues, so consult your doctor before a diet.

Exercise is an important element when trying to lose weight. It may be difficult to incorporate exercise with your busy schedule; taking care of the new baby. A good idea is to join a gym which offers a child care facility. This way the baby is taken care of and you can regularly exercise. If during the exercise you feel any sort of pain or short breath or dizziness, you should at once contact your physician and discontinue the exercise. The solution to avoid these problems is to take everything slowly and do not over exert yourself.

Tips & Warnings:

– There are many plans given by nutritionists for new mothers.