Several people around the globe would opt for dieting once they step on the weighing machine and realize that they need to lose weight. Is that the right thing to do? Is dieting actually the right remedy for losing weight? Well, it is true that healthy eating plays a big role when it comes to staying fit. However, not eating at all, or reducing your diet can cause a lot of problems.

Atkins, Cohen, Master Cleanse or even South Beach Diet plans have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let me explain to you how these diet plans are going to affect your body later on in your life…

Hair Loss

You must have encountered this problem in case you have been dieting before. This happens because of the fact that our tresses need vital nutrients in order to remain healthy and dieting takes them away.

Slower Reaction

Studies have shown that women who consume diets with lower carbohydrates do not only have a lower memory score but slower reaction time as well. We need to have a balanced diet for our brain to function properly.

Water Imbalance

All of us understand how water is an integral requirement for the body. Whenever we follow certain diet plans, we avoid foods that help water absorption and smooth bowel movement. This later causes body aches and other problems.

Low Blood Sugar Levels

Since you are consuming fewer carbohydrates and at times not consuming any sugar at all, this causes Ketosis. This means that you will not only experience a weakness inside your body, but also bad breath.

Weight Gain

It might come out as a surprise to you, but once you start dieting you might experience a sudden weight gain as well. Since we are not in-taking certain foods, the metabolism rate slows down and this in turn helps in gaining weight.


Science has proven that if you are not consuming the right amount of carbohydrates and sugar on a daily basis, it will decrease the serotonin levels in your body. This hormone is known as the ‘happy’ hormone.

Damaged Organs

Similar to our hair and brain, all the other organs also require certain amount of nutrients. However, diet plans are not going to provide you with the full nutrients which the body needs and this will eventually damage your organs.


In order for us to function normally, we need to eat a healthy diet on a daily basis. Diet plans often remove certain important food products which are actually necessary for us in order to remain chemically normal.

Eating Disorders

Many of you might have experienced this already in case you are dieting. Once you over-diet, it falls under the category of Anorexia or even Bulimia. Both these are considered to be eating disorders and they will only make your body weak and may even cause psychological damage.


Everyone who diets has experienced cheating on diets. While a few take it as fun and it falls under their routine, others start hating themselves for not taking care of themselves. This is when you are psychologically damaging yourself.

So how exactly are you supposed to lose weight if dieting is harmful? Well, it’s easy. Cutting down on your food supplies is not always going to help you as it has been proven by medical science. However, what you can do is, improve the amount of exercise you do in a single day. Moreover, contact a nutritionist who can give you the perfect diet plan for the day. It will help you lose weight while your body is getting all the necessary nutrients.