For some people, skin type changes as soon as puberty starts. But the worst is when you arrive at any beauty store and they ask you that question….what skin type are you? And you have no clue.  The oily t-zone with acne but dry cheeks is a hard struggle when it comes to skincare. Many people including myself have paid over £50 for proactive and other popular products to tackle acne. But we forget that other areas of our face are being neglected. Using too many products causes uneven skin tone and rough complexion.  Having dry skin and using salicylic acid can cause redness and skin will lack moisture even more. So we need to have that balance of keeping acne at bay but also have that smooth and moisturised skin we always longed for. So what is the miracle of our acne?  Well, there is a skincare product right underneath our nose that can help with acne.  One product which is always found in the bottom of our make-up bag. It has been introduced to us for over 100 years and has been used for many things….Vaseline!

Vaseline has only one simple ingredient has no fragrance and works excellent on dry skin.  It reduces moisture loss and helps with the healing process of wounds. It also helps with uneven skin tone and reduces white/blackheads. It smoothens out the acne and overall gives the skin a glowing look.

There are some websites that say it aggravates acne but i disagree with this statement. Vaseline is used for all ages and been used as a baby’s first moisturiser especially with dry skin. From personal experience, I always had dry skin but as soon as I became a teenager, my skin type had changed. My face was very dry but had oily areas. I tried topical steroids and other acne treatments. At first it got rid of my acne but my face was always rough and i had many visible blemishes. It was a month ago when i stopped using any acne treatment and started only using vaseline.

I noticed that the itchiness had stopped and my acne scars were slowly fading. To get best result, apply after showering on cleansed skin. If you find vaseline too heavy on the skin, then apply before you shower as it will still stay on. Many celebrities such as Tyra Banks praise the work of vaseline and its many uses.  Its available in any beauty store and even your local corner shops. Even though Vaseline is one of the leading skincare products, the price of less than £2 has not changed.  So before you try any steroid treatment, first work with what you have at home. Use the products that have been around for many years. It’s always the simple things that work.

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