Weight loss, fitness & health are not just terms to be thrown around loosely but are in fact quite dependant on each other. While weight loss is generally self explanatory, it always benefits your fitness and overall health. In most cases, health conditions and fitness issues are a result of being overweight, but fortunately, this also means these conditions are reversible if you are willing to make an effort. If you are looking for motivation to start a weight loss regime, here are the fitness & health benefits you can expect to gain by losing those extra pounds.

Greater energy levels

The first and foremost health and fitness benefit you should be looking at is increased levels of energy. Not only is this physically related, it also has a mental element. Studies have shown that obese people are less likely to be energetic and are prone to suffering from depression. Losing weight will not only make you feel lighter and more confident, it will also improve your energy levels and you will be jumping and hopping your way around. This will essentially translate to active workout sessions and renewed enthusiasm towards your fitness regime.

Improve your blood pressure and breathing

Losing weight means you have less to carry around and it is easier for your heart to pump blood around the body. This lowers your blood pressure and your breathing rate, which translates into a fitter you. Not only will you be able to exercise for longer, jogging and running won’t feel as awful when you don’t run out of breath so often.  High blood pressure is itself considered a silent killer and improvement in your blood pressure dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

No more aches and pains

If you are overweight you are effectively putting more stress on your skeletal system which has to bear everything. While you might not feel it during the early years, but prolonged wear, tear and stress can lead to joint pain and conditions in later stages. Moreover, you are much more likely to suffer from sprains, fatigue and muscle pain, especially if you engage in physical activity which puts additional stress on your body. Losing weight will not only prevent such aches and pain but also ensure healthy bones and joints later in life.

Improved blood sugar levels

Losing a little weight considerably improves the regulation of your blood sugar levels, which can be life saving for diabetics (type II). Studies have shown that patients suffering from type II diabetes see significant improvement after following a regime with healthy diet and exercise.

Fitness & health are to a large extent dependant on your weight, but that does not mean that you go on a harsh weight loss regime to shrink yourself. Ideally you need to work towards attaining your perfect weight and adopting a lifestyle which can help you maintain your ideal weight in the long run.