Waist fat not only makes you look bulky, it also increases your risk of serious health issues such as increased level of blood cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke. If you want to get rid of the extra flab on your waist, you can’t rely on spot training only. Instead, you will have to increase your fat burning through strength training, cardio activity, aerobic exercises and last but not the least, diet modification. Together, all these measures will help you shrink your waist fast. Utilize the tips mentioned below to burn waist fat quickly.

Select your fat loss goal

The fastest fat loss that can be achieved without damaging your body is 2 lbs. per week. So if you want to lose your waist fat quickly, losing 2 pounds of fat weekly should be your fitness goal. To achieve this target, you will have to burn off one thousand calories daily through increased activity and diet modification, while maintaining a balance between both these techniques. For example, you may decide to reduce your daily calorie intake by 600 and burn the remaining 400 calories through exercise.

Complete vigorous activity

Vigorous physical activities help burn off calories quickly. For example a 160 lb. person burns only 183 calories after walking at normal pace for an hour, while jogging can help him burn 511 calories in same time. other intense activities that help burn high amounts of calories include skipping rope, hiking, swimming.

Use an interval training approach

If you find vigorous activity a difficult way of burning waist fat then interval training might be the way to go. Start off with a moderate activity, such as walking or cycling at a moderate pace. After a few minutes, increase the pace, switching to the vigorous type of activity, and then return back to the moderate activity. Continue switching between the two activities during the entire work out session.

“Squat with twist” exercise

“Squat with twist” exercise also helps tone your waist. Start out in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart. Gradually lower into a squat and at the bottom of the squat, contracting your core muscles, twist to your left side for a count of two. Return to the original position and repeat 8 times on each side. You need to do this strength training exercise at least twice a week.

Revamp your diet

Besides a vigorous workout plan, you also need to revise your diet plan. Eat foods that are low in calories and high in dietary fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole-grains. You should also stay away from full-fat dairy products.