You’re about to rush to the airport because you believe you might get late, and suddenly you realize that you won’t be able to stay hungry for the time you will be in the flight. You start making a breakfast for yourself which might be a sandwich since it is the quickest thing out of the situation. Aeroplanes do not offer healthy foods anyway and having a healthy breakfast might not be a top priority for you on such a day. However, you must understand the importance of having a healthy meal right before you fly. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while eating right before your flight.

Healthy Travel Essentials

Make sure you pack yourself raw nuts, fruits, protein powder and other portable snacks. This will not only help you save precious time in cooking or preparing things; in fact, it will also end your temptations while you are hungry during the flight.

Optimal Blood Sugar Levels

Maintaining optimal blood sugar levels is absolutely necessary and that is exactly what the right food combo is going to provide you. It will not only steady your blood sugar level, it will also reduce your cravings to eat after breakfast and maximize your fat-burning hormones. Just make sure, before eating any meal, that it contains protein, fats, veggies and fibres. High-fibre carbs are going to help you remain full throughout your flight.

Stay Hydrated

The common mistake which every passenger makes is not that they don’t drink water, but the fact that they opt for coffee instead. Drinking coffee before your flight is only going to double the chances of you getting dehydrated. Moreover, another mistake which a lot people make is that they drink alcohol before their flight. They believe that it relaxes them. Even though it does help relax them, there is no doubt that eventually it will cause dehydration. Similarly, try to avoid tea or java right before you enter the aeroplane.

7-9 Hours of Sleep

In order to optimize your hormone levels, sleep is extremely important. Certain hormones, such as feel-good serotonin, grow in your body once you have slept well. Just like you prepare your food, you must also work on your sleep. Certain time zones and jet lag can cause a lot of problems to your sleep. Try to take a nap during the flight. Carry earplugs and eye mask so you can cancel out the light and sound around you and you can sleep in peace.