Men and women are two equal parts of a successful relationship, and for a relationship to prosper, both sexes have to play their part. In this article, we will focus on the things which men should do to ensure a successful and long lasting relationship.

Be Responsible

As a husband or a boyfriend, it is always the man who is responsible for the household, no matter how independent and self reliant his partner is. A man in relationship is more like a manager; he is supposed to keep everyone happy and if something goes wrong it is his responsibility.

Show Initiative

Nobody woman likes a man who sits back and plays it safe while the situation becomes from bad to worse. If an untoward situation appears and needs to be handled immediately, it is the responsibility of the man to step up, and take initiative. Men who don’t step forward in difficult situations and act as buffer in emotional conflicts fail to garner the respect of the opposite sex.

Decision Making

In our professional lives, we often let our superiors make the difficult situation, so that when an issue arises, we can save our skin. This approach cannot work out in a home, where man is the one controlling every matter, except may be groceries and cooking etc. It is therefore binding on him to make in time and effective decisions. However this does not mean that you control each and every action of your partner and don’t let her make some decision on her own. Only interfere when she asks for it.

Be Strong

Being strong does not mean that a man should be having immense power and courage, what is mean in a relationship context is that he should have the strength to control his emotions, specifically his anger. That said, it doesn’t mean that he should withstand bad behavior for the partner. Minor disagreements are a part of every love life, but these disagreements should not turn into angry arguments and mudslinging.

Look Manly

You should always try to have a manly outlook, both appearance and attitude wise. You bearing should be firm and straight and there should be any feminist inclination in your gestures and notions. If you have loose body, try your best to forge it into a firm one; that can result in greater satisfaction for your partner.

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