Skin care which includes sun protection and cleansing can help you keep a young and healthy skin for years!

With extremely busy schedules, it is understandable if you do not find the time for intensive skin care. However, you can always pamper yourself with the basics. In order to delay the natural aging process, you can always adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are some basic tips which will take less of your time and give instant results.

Protect Yourself from the Sun


It’s true that the sun provides you with Vitamin D, but it depends on the amount of sunlight that your skin can take. Therefore, during summers it is advised that you protect your skin from the sun so that you don’t end up hurting your tissues. You can use sunscreen, seek shade and wear protective clothing in order to avoid the sun during the hotter days of the year.

Don’t Smoke

Quit smoking

If you are a chain smoker then you must start smoking less. Recent study revealed that smoking contributes to wrinkles and drastic aging. It narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layer of your skin and this causes a decrease in blood flow; eventually causing a lot of wrinkles on your skin. The two fibres which give your skin its strength and elasticity, collagen and elastin, are also damaged by smoking. Therefore, it is advised that you quit smoking if you want to give your skin a young and healthy look.

Treat Your Skin

Treat skin


You don’t really have to give time to your skin on a daily basis. In fact, you need to keep everything gentle. Limit the bath time, avoid using strong soaps, shave carefully, pat your skin dry rather than rubbing the towel on your face and finally, use moisturizers. All these things are necessary if you want your skin to look healthy and fresh.

Eat a Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Several people believe that taking care of their skin only revolves around the ingredient they use on the outside; that is actually the half-truth behind a health skin. You need to keep a healthy diet if you want your skin to look young and fresh. Drink lots of water so that you can avoid the dry and patchy skin throughout the year.

Manage Stress

stress management

Not many people understand this but sometimes uncontrollable stress can make your skin sensitive. This causes lots of skin problems. Therefore, exercise on a daily basis and release stress. Complete your daily sleep of at least 6 hours so that it does not show upon your skin.