Everyone needs to be extra careful when it comes to tanning. You can’t just end up being 12 shades darker than your actual skin colour since you will end up shocking everyone. A few women are so pale that tanning, for them, is definitely a no-go area.

If, however, you do want to get a tan, make sure that you get it naturally so that it is safe for your skin. These days getting your skin naturally tanned can also be troublesome as the sunrays can end up giving you certain skin diseases. Therefore, here are a few tips which you will need in order to get the perfect tan.

Find The Perfect Camp


Always choose your camp area carefully. The perfect tanning camp would have a sun lounge, a shady area where you can retreat into, a source of water and other facilities such as a bar and most definitely a toilet.

Applying a Lotion


Always make sure that you apply the lotion before you have left your room. If you plan to apply it outside in a public place, you will never be able to fully apply it uniformly throughout your body. You need to understand that if you want to apply the lotion properly, you have to be naked. For people who think they can apply sunscreen once they have reached the beach should understand that the sand will make it difficult for them.

Always Reapply Sun Lotion after Swimming


It’s no surprise if you love going into the water; after all, you are at the beach and you want to enjoy yourself. Always remember to reapply your sunscreen once you come out of the water. It is absolutely vital if you don’t want your skin to get damaged.

Spend Equal Time on Front and Back

front back

If you are lying down on a chair at the beach with your face up, remember to give your back a little sunshine as well. In fact, it is advisable if you spend equal number of hours for both the sides. This is going to help you avoid an uneven tan.

Drop the Protection when Necessary

cool down

If you notice that you have already developed a little colour and you want to add a bit more, you can always drop down a little protection from your skin. However, make sure that if there are certain areas where the sun catches you more than usual; make sure that you apply a strong sunscreen there. For instance, if you are driving with your arm out, you would want that arm to have a strong sunscreen at all times.