Do you know that you lose approximately 50 to 100 stands of hair on a daily basis? However, if you tend to lose more than that, then experienced dermatologists believe that you should consult a specialist.

If you are below the age of 45 and you are losing hair drastically, then you should definitely consult a dermatologist. However, there are ways through which you can get rid of this problem and you will not be required to visit a specialist. This is through special home remedies and what you can do at home.

Here are a few ingredients which you can use in order rid yourself of hair fall only by treating yourself with items that are available at home.



This antioxidant is packed with Vitamin C, something that is extremely useful for the growth of your hair. If you think that applying it to your scalp is too time consuming, then try to eat this particular ingredient and it will still be good for your hair.

Herbalists claim that you should crush this fruit and extract its juice. Then buy amla powder from the store, mix the two together and apply them to your scalp.



We all understand how good coconut oil is for our hair, but we fail to understand the fact that coconut itself is good for hair growth as well. There are several minerals which this particular ingredient provides and they all come in handy for strengthening and growing of hair.

Grate the coconut and squeeze out the milk by mixing a little water. If you are experiencing hair thinning in a specific area, apply this solution there and you will see a drastic change in a matter of weeks.



It’s understandable if you don’t like the smell of eggs on your head, but they are still quite healthy for hair growth. They are rich in minerals such as iodine, zinc and iron and all of them are quite important for your hair.

Take the white of one egg, mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Beat the mixture until it is thin enough to rest on your scalp and then apply it. After twenty minutes, rinse it with shampoo. The smell will take time to go away but you will notice a significant change in your hair.



People mostly know this particular herb for its hair colour. Less they understand is the fact that it is extremely good for hair growth.

Simply combine this herb with mustard oil, boil the mixture and then filter it using muslin cloth. Now wait for the mixture to cool down and later apply it to your hair for good results.

More Home Remedies for Hair Fall

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