One of the best ways to burn fat fast is to exercise regularly. However, there comes a stage when only exercise seems to be ineffective, and you have to go the extra mile to get rid of the few pounds that you have put on. This does not mean that you need to overhaul your daily routine to sweat off mega calories that you consume in your lunch or dinner. Here are our five simple rules that can help you improve your fat-burning rate and start losing weight fast.

Work out more

Work out more

The simplest fact that most of the weight watchers ignore is that you can lose weight only when you work off more calories than you consume. This means that you will have to work out more in order to burn more. Plan to do four to five cardio exercises every week. Start with two 20-minute sessions, followed by a 30 to 45 minute session and conclude with two 60 to 75 minute sessions. Your body may take some time to adjust to longer sessions, and if that is the case, do not stress out your body or skip the longer sessions altogether. Stick to smaller, more intense sessions till your body gets used to them.


Lift weightsLift weights

Strength work outs, like weight lifting, not only help you tone your body but also play a vital role in weight loss. Everyone, including women, should do three 15 to 20 minutes sessions of weight training every week. This will increase the number of calories you burn as well as strengthen your lower back and increase bone density.


Push yourselfPush yourself

A work out would be of no use if you don’t exert yourself. Keep improving your levels on the treadmill, increase your resistance when biking and push yourself on your road run. Similarly, try lifting weights slightly heavier than your previous work out. However, don’t overwork yourself and make sure you get at least two days off from exercise every week so that your muscles can recuperate.


Eat sensiblyEat sensibly

Besides regular work outs, you should pay special attention to your daily diet. Include foods that have low GI in your daily diet chart. Foods with carbohydrates have a high GI, so if you don’t want to put on weight, try to avoid such foods. Most fruits and vegetables as well as legumes are low GI foods. Also increase your water intake and make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.



Don’t dietDon’t diet

Dieting is not recommended for slimming. It leads to a number of deficiencies in your body, and is not a healthy way to lose weight. When you starve your body, it actually starts to accumulate fat rather than burn it, slowing down your progress.