With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to rock red lips? However, despite the fact that this day is all about going red, not many people are comfortable in pulling it off. We have lined up our best tips and tricks that you can use in order to wear red and to rock red lips. People will simply recognize you from far away once they see the striking colours you will wear. Simply use these tricks and feel the difference. You will suddenly start loving red more than any other colour.

We have listed down two ways to cover your eyes with makeup. Both these ways will make you look different, yet they will still help you rock red lips. Brace yourself as it is time for you to wear red without any hesitation.

Face Makeup

First of all you will need a tan coloured concealer. You should also have a studio finish concealer, which you will apply after you are done with foundation. Make sure that you have the colour-stay foundation. Moreover, keep a blush-on, rice powder and sculpting disk. All these things are necessary in order to cover yourself with the right type of makeup.

Eye Makeup 1

You will require certain material in order to pull off the right type of eye makeup. You don’t want to overdo anything. Therefore, first of all get yourself an unwrinkled concealer. Moreover, you will need three different coloured eyeshades – Symmetry, Ground Brown and Brule. Besides this, use naked pigment along with fairies lashes. Lastly, use black coloured eye ink. All these things are easily available in the market and you need to just select whatever brand you feel is right.

Eye Makeup 2

While the first type of eye makeup revolved around colours such as brown and black, the second will help you get a darker shade. Opt for a mobster gel liner. The pigments you should use include mega rich and chocolate brown. Eyeshades should be black along with zero eyeliner. Lastly, go for fairies eyelashes in this case as well.

What to Use on Your Lips

How you settle with everything around your lips has a lot to do with pulling the overall look. Moreover, it is also advised that you use deep red lip liner. This is going to outline the overall red lipstick which you are about to use. The shade of the lipstick advised is ‘really red’ which is easily available in stores.

Now you are carrying a look with dark hair and eyeshades while your lips are red, which will help you stand out.