It’s not a surprise to hear that all women crave beauty, fitness and health. However, in order to maintain all three at the same time, they must keep a good balance in life. You are not required to exercise more than usual, or it will make you look tired. Similarly not eating food and calling it ‘dieting’ is going to make you look weak. Here are a few tips which will provide a good balance to your life.

Adequate Hydration

Girl Drinking Water

In order to look fresh, water is absolutely mandatory for every woman in the world. It will help your skin glow.  It does not only mean that you drink water throughout the day; in fact, you also need to wash your face with cold water.

Beauty Sleep

Girl Sleeping

Women who want to party out all night and then expect them to remain healthy are going exactly in the wrong direction. Sleep is extremely important for every human being. If you want to look beautiful, healthy and fit at the same time, you need to take a 6-hour sleep during the night.

Subtle Make-Up

Girl applying makeup

The key to looking beautiful with the help of make-up is by keeping it simple. Adding a lot of make-up to your face is only going to make you look plastic.

Facial Stretching Exercise

Girl stretching

You should try and make ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ sounds at least 10 times during the day. This is going to help flex your lip and cheek muscles. Furthermore, you can also stretch your facial muscles through breathing.

Skin Care Products

Girl skin care product

It’s true that skin care products do work their magic on every woman. However, make sure that you are not relying on ones which are heavily equipped with chemicals. They will only end up harming your skin even more.

Neck Care

Gir's neck

A woman’s beauty is defined through her neck and most women tend to concentrate a lot on their faces instead. Try applying neck cream from your jaw line to décolletage and see how things change for you.

Cleaning, Toning, Moisturizing

Girl moisturizing

Cleansing involves at least a 4 minute face wash where you can clean your face through coconut, almond, or any cleansing oil. Use a foaming cleanser for 2 minutes and rinse your face for 4 more minutes. Taking out just 10 minutes from your life is going to help you look beautiful in no time. Once you are done with cleansing, tap fingertips on the toner so there is better absorption during toning. Lastly, rub your hands together so the product is warmed and then apply it on your face for moisturizing your skin.

Face Pack/Masks/Sheets

Girl face mask

Try to wear facial masks which are made up of all-natural materials such as silkworm cocoon powder. You can even opt for a mixture of egg white and honey.


young woman exercising in a park

If you believe that you can look fit, healthy and beautiful without your daily exercise, you are mistaken. Make sure that you do not overdo it and keep everything well balanced.

Diet Plan

Girl dieting

A good diet plan is necessary for every woman in the world. Try to keep a balanced diet throughout the day. Do not eat too many calories or fats and don’t eat too less either. Consult a nutritionist so he/she can help you with your daily eating routine.