You might go to your personal gym trainer but there might be things running in his/her mind that they can’t tell you. You know why? It’s because they cannot be straight forward when it comes to their clients. However, you must understand all these facts and put yourself in their shoes to realize where you have been going wrong. Here are a few things which your health centre fitness trainer will never tell you.

Never Arrive at a Training Session in the Following State

You trainers will never tell you how it is unhealthy for you if you arrive at the training session with an empty stomach, a stomach bug or after you haven’t had a full sleep. When your body is not fully fuelled, it’s absolutely useless to exercise. You need to remain hydrated in order to remain healthy.

We Know You Are Eating More Than You Tell Us

You simply can’t lie to your trainer about this, but still you do. Your trainer will never come to you asking you time and time again how you have been lying to him/her regarding your daily eating patterns. If they don’t see any results, it’s quite obvious that you have been eating more than they have asked you to. They know that you are lying, simply fix it as they will never confront you regarding this problem.

Money Can’t Buy Fitness

It doesn’t matter which gym or fitness centre you go to, you will never get the perfect shape unless you start working on it personally. You can spend hours at the gym and even spend maximum money just to try for the perfect body, but you won’t get it if you do not cut down on your daily unhealthy eating routines. This is something that your fitness trainer will never tell you because this is how they are earning their money.

There is a Difference between Pain and Burn

Never lie to your trainer regarding any pain which you are experiencing. They will never tell you that there is a difference between pain and burn; in fact, you are the one who should tell them exactly how you feel. Don’t expect them to tell you everything and spoon feed you in terms of injuries and how to go about them.

Text/E-mail Can Wait Until Later

If you have been reading your e-mails and text messages while your fitness trainer is working with you, trust me you are not in their good books. They are there for you and no matter how important your e-mail or text message is, it can most definitely wait until later. Try to switch your phone off before you hit your fitness centre, or at least have the courtesy to read your messages after the workout.