Since long hair lack volume and bounce, it is difficult to style. Curls and waves do not last for long. Moreover, long thin hair tends to look boring since they remain dull and flat. At times long thin hair are quite hard to brush as well as they cause a lot of pain. You can first learn how to brush them without any pain. However, if you happen to give your hair a nice haircut and style it differently, it is not only going to give you a trendy look, but in fact you’ll also find it easy to brush them.


Blunt hair

Blunt hair with bangs falling on your forehead will make not only make you look stylish; in fact, it is also going to help you make your forehead look small. Let them fall up to your eyes.



Once you cut your hair in layers, and that too at random, it will give an illusion of volume which the hair actually lacks. Let your hair fall up to your shoulders or collarbone and from there, you can cut it into random layers.

Slight Bangs

slight bangs

A messy look on your head will make you look like a laid back person. Try cutting a few light bangs in the front and don’t let them drop over the eyes. Let them fall loosely and the bottom can be cut at random areas.

Bangs and Long Waves

bangs with long waves

This is a style that suits those who have hair that lacks volume. Almost cover your eyes by cutting your hair in bangs. The sides can be cut into softer layers while the length can be generally long.

Sleek Bob

sleek bob

The sleek bob is probably one of the classiest styles ever. Simply part your hair from the middle and the front section should remain longer than the rest of your hair.

Long Layers

long layers

Part your hair from the middle and the bangs should come up to your chin. Opt for lighter layers with some of them falling to your collar bone.



Thin hair can easily hide behind an updo. Tight, loose or messy are the three options you can pick and they will all suit long thin hair. This is going to help you hide the less volume and make people focus on the style.

Interesting Braid

interesting braid

This hairstyle actually shows off thin hair. Comb back all your hair, take a strand from each side and twist it back lightly. You can do this in multiple pairs. Women mostly show off such hairstyles by putting pretty hairclips.

Bangs with Thin Waves

bangs with thin waves

Try to cut the front bangs in full and don’t let them fall over your eyes. The main length of your hair should remain long while a certain volume can be cut down to medium length. You can always wrap small sections of your hair around a curling iron.

Rather than only opting for different hairstyles, you can also add a new look by trying newer hair colours. Check them out!