Castor Oil is mostly overlooked for its benefits on the hair because it is extremely thick and sticky and people believe that it might ruin their hair. However, it is probably the most inexpensive and natural remedy for common hair complaints.

Thickening Eyebrows and Eyelashes


Recent study has revealed that castor oil is the perfect remedy for re-growing your eyebrows. People who complain about over-plucking their eyebrows definitely know what to do with them now. Mostly individuals opt for pencil thin brows and it was hard for them to recover them. Then they had to use a pencil for the bald areas. Well, castor oil is the perfect remedy for you.

Opt for a hexane free, organic and cold pressed castor oil and start applying it to your eyebrows every night after you face your face. You will start noticing the significant effects after three months. Your eyebrows won’t only grow back; in fact, they will be thicker as compared to last time.

This does not only work for your eyebrows, in fact it has shown significant results for eyelashes as well.

How does Castor Oil Work?

Castor Oil work

Castor is extremely rich in Ricinoleic Acid. This acid is an affective natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Therefore, any bacteria or fungus that stops hair growth can be kept away through castor oil. Moreover, since the oil is thick, it helps in preventing hair loss by coating them and protecting them from falling out.

Castor oil is also quite rich in the omega-9 fatty acids. These acids are nourishing for not only the hair but also the follicle and the surrounding skin. This oil has the ability to penetrate deeply into your skin, which helps it reach the pores where the hair is produced.

Besides this, castor oil also provides a high gloss and shine to the hair. Moreover, the thick oily substance lasts for a long time and even a little is enough for your head. This is why you should not only apply it to your head, but also to the edge of your hair so they can naturally become shiny and smooth.

How to Apply Castor Oil?

applying castor oil

There is no rocket science for applying castor oil. Simply drop two drops on your hands and start rubbing them on your head. Then work your way to the end of your hair. Try not to use too much because there is a fine line between subtle shine and heavy greasiness. You don’t want your hair to look oily.

If you want your hair to re-grow then simply use castor oil on your scalp. You can use a melted coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or any other lighter oil in order to help castor oil become spreadable. In case you are planning to thicken hair which is right at the edge of your hairline, simply use pure castor oil with a light hand.