Most people plan to start a health and fitness program but it’s extremely hard for them to execute it. Why? There could be several reasons. Starting from laziness and ending at a busy routine, people have different reasons not to kick start their health and fitness program. If you are finding it hard to start a health and fitness program, here are a few tips to get you going.

Assess Your Fitness Level

Before you start off with a heavy or a light fitness program, you must first assess yourself and get the clear picture about where you stand in terms of fitness. Assessing yourself could include your pulse rate, weight, time to take a walk for certain kilometres, your waist and your body mass index. All these things can actually help you realize what type of a fitness routine you should be following in the future. Moreover, this will also help you understand the extent to which you require a fitness program.

Design Your Fitness Program

According to the assessed fitness level you should design your fitness program. First of all, make clear goals for yourself. Secondly, opt for a well-balanced routine. This means that you will not only be exercising, but also consuming a healthy diet during the day. Never try to rush things and always stay at a pace which you can handle easily. At times you don’t have time to exercise every day and in that case you should try to stay active during the day. Try to incorporate exercise in your daily chores. Once you have fully made your workout and fitness plan, write it down on a paper. The effort you will put to organize all this information is going to work as a motivation for you to start this program.

Assemble Your Equipment

Once you have fully written down your fitness program, it is time for you to assemble all the equipment which you will need to execute it. Try to spend a little extra money on this equipment as it will help you get where you want to. Moreover, this will further aid as a motivation factor.

Get Started

Now it’s time for you to get started on your fitness routine. Don’t try to rush things in the beginning. Always keep the pace slow and don’t rush for positive results. Try to be creative and stretch your muscles to an extent where you can take them.

Monitor Yourself

After you have started your daily workout program, it is time for you to monitor yourself on a weekly or monthly basis. See whether you have been improving in terms of stamina, waist, weight, or anything that you wanted to change.