At times you do understand why your head is throbbing since you have been working out late at night. On other occasions you simply take a pain killer because you don’t really know why your head feels heavy. Here are a few surprising causes of headaches which you probably didn’t know about.

Mobile Phones

While computer screens give you a wider picture and offer you a better display, cell phones have a relatively smaller font. This puts pressure on your eyes and in return gives you a severe headache.

Lack of Sleep

It doesn’t matter if you make up for your night sleep during the day, it is vital for you to sleep for four hours during the night. Lack of sleep causes serotonin levels to come down and they are extremely necessary for you to feel fresh throughout the day.

Wearing High Heels

It is true that it has not been scientifically or biologically proven that high heels lead to a headache; few heel-wearing females have reported that high heels do play a part in certain headaches. They claim that it puts a certain amount of stress on the muscles.

Making Ponytails

It’s quite understandable that you are a working woman and you don’t like your hair to come on your face. However, making ponytails may lead to headaches as well. Many women pull their hair back so tightly that they tend to hurt them eventually.

Stress during Jogging

Headaches which take place while you are jogging are known as exertion headaches. Whenever you are running, the blood vessels in your head tend to swell. This might give you severe pain while you are exercising. It is advised that you switch to either yoga or swimming for the time being.

Eating Ham

A few types of foods do trigger a migraine and ham is one of them. Ham contains a chemical known as Tyramine. This may cause the blood vessels to dilate and increase the blood flow in your body.

Trip to the Hairdresser

People actually enjoy going to their hairdresser at times. However, it may also end up hurting your head. Few hairdressers like to wash your hair before they cut or stylize them. During this time your neck is over the basin in an awkward position and this may eventually give you a severe headache.

Colognes, Deodorants or Perfumes

There are strong odours which end up activating the nose’s nerve cells. This stimulates the nerve system and causes headaches to those who have a strong sense of smell.