It is worth noting that currently there are tons of quality health and fitness books available to the public, yet they still don’t opt to read them. Books don’t only cover all the aspects regarding your health and fitness in fact they can help you learn how to make the perfect health and fitness plan for yourself. Here are a few books which can help you achieve the perfect body.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon

Angela Liddon started her own blog by the name of Oh She Glows. She explained how nourishing and plant-based meals helped her recover from her eating disorders. Now the same blog is providing several drool-worthy recipes. The Oh She Glows Cookbook is actually an extension of the same blog where Angela writes about breakfasts, snacks and even desserts.

Making Hope Happen by Shane Lopez

Shane Lopez, throughout this book, talks about seeing the half glass full. This book is more about your psychological health rather than physical health. Always remember, you cannot remain physically healthy unless you are psychologically well and fully satisfied.

Pedal Forward by Trey Hall

The idea to overcome challenges in life with the help of physical fitness isn’t exactly new. In this book, Trey Hall is relating the idea of bike riding with business and self-improvement. He explains how physical fitness and your own business go hand in hand and how you can overcome both the problems only by riding a bicycle. The book is built around a bike accident which Hall suffered himself and from there he carries the book to his 30 years of experience in not only business, but also in non-profit organizations.

No Meat Athlete by Matt Frazier

Matt Frazier is also a blogger-cum-author. His basic aim is to let people know that meat is not essential to have a good build. In fact, he has even done a pretty good job at convincing people to believe what he writes. The plant-based exercise program which he has to offer is actually quite promising.

The Longest Race by Ed Ayres

Ed Ayres has been a long-distance runner for over 50 years. He was the writer who has founded Running Times Magazine. He has written down his experience as a runner and answers the questions “How long can you last?” in the most perfect way possible. This unique book highlights blood, sweat and tears which Ed Ayres had to face throughout the time he was a long distance runner.