Vitamin E oil is found to have healing properties and is frequently used for skin and nail-care products. Researchers agree that use of anti-oxidants slows down the aging process and vitamin E is a very effective anti-oxidant. You can easily acquire vitamin E oil from your local drug store. It is usually sold in liquid form or in capsules, which are then pierced to apply the oil externally. Vegetable oils, nuts and seeds are also high in vitamin E content.


Wrinkles are the most common and obvious signs of aging skin, but are often also a result of bad eating and drinking habits and poor skin care. Vitamin E can be effectively used to reduce the occurrence of new wrinkles because it prevents free radical damage and boosts the production of collagen, which helps with skin elasticity. The oil also promotes cell growth, facilitating the replacement of dead skin cells with new ones.

Night Treatment

Vitamin E oil is ideal for night skin treatments because it is too sticky for day-time use and forms a thick layer over the skin. Leaving it on at night is excellent for skin repair and healing using the oil’s natural moisturizing and anti-oxidant capabilities. For even better results, you can combine vitamin E oil with olive oil, which has oleic acid, responsible for improving the skin’s moisture retention.


Burns, wounds and surgical procedures often leave scar tissue, which can be unsightly to say the least and does not function like the normal skin tissue (it is not so resistant to ultraviolet rays and does not allow hair to grow). Vitamin E can be helpful in this regard, since it is absorbed into the skin and blocks free radicals (which prevent healing) under the skin layer. The boost in production of collagen (caused by the anti-oxidant characteristics of vitamin E oil) also helps heal scar tissue better.

Brown Spots

Brown spots can form on the skin due to natural aging, liver issues and damage from free radicals. Vitamin E oil, with its ability to block free radicals, is particularly effective in lightening brown spots and making the skin smoother by promoting new cell growth.


Vitamin E oil serves as an excellent moisturizer, and can be effectively used to treat dry cuticles. You can use a few drops of the oil and rub it over your cuticles to give them moisture and protect them from further damage.