Trying circumstances can cause people to become depressed, where they see no meaning to their life and soon lose interest in life itself. Using antidepressants can help to some extent, but you cannot depend on medications for everyday relief from depression. It is better to ditch the pills and take matters into your own hands and relieve depression naturally.

Seek Counseling

You need to seek counseling from a qualified counselor. Do not be ashamed and be open with the counselor as he/she will assess your situation and then let you know if you need any further medical help to counter your depression.

Regularly go for a walk

You need to get out in the nature and enjoy the wonders around you. Make sure that you go out for a walk every morning or evening and spend an hour and a half walking. Spending time out in the nature will help you unwind and think positive things.

Enjoy the Sun

A person suffering from depression chooses to stay indoors in the dark avoiding sun light in particular. Dark rooms tend to increase the level of depression in patients, so if you want to overpower your depression then go out and spend as much time as possible under the sun. You will notice that this will ultimately help in the recovery. Vitamin D in sunlight is considered helpful in relieving depression, so instead of taking vitamin D supplements it is suggested that you skip the pills and get some natural light.

Book Reading

Book reading is another way to keep yourself occupied and away from depressing thoughts. Ask someone to help you choose the right book, sit back and enjoy a good read, preferably under the sun.

Avoid Drinking

When suffering with depression it is advised that you avoid drinking too much alcohol. Drinking will make you feel better momentarily, but this is not a permanent cure, because when the effects of the alcohol wear off, you will feel even worse. Odds are if you do not stop you will probably end up becoming an alcoholic.

Express your thoughts through writing and painting

Write down all your thoughts or express your feeling through art. The more you express your inner feeling the better the chances of you coming out of depression.  Depression is technically the pent up negativity inside you, which leads you to believe there is nothing you can do or achieve. You need to get rid of such thoughts and ideas in order to recover and lead a normal life again.