Oily skin is one of the biggest issues which beauty conscious people, especially women, face on a daily basis. The most frustrating part is that it is not a choice which you can make or control. This type of skin is the result of genetic inheritance and at time hormonal disorder among women. Whatever the reason may be, it just seems impossible to remove the sheen from you face especially the forehead. The result is that other facial features cease to come into prominence no matter how hard you try. Add to it the fact that oily skin promotes acne and you have your work cut out.

The only solution to the problem lies in the proper handling of the skin, which involves a series of steps that should be followed regularly. These steps have been detailed in this article.

Wash Your Face Regularly

The best way to keep that facial oily feel away is to wash your regularly. Doctors recommend that the face should be washed at least twice a day under normal circumstances, but if the skin is oily, you should do it at least four times a day. While washing the face avoid the common practice of adding one or two drops of dish washing detergent in you soap. The chemicals in these detergents are too harsh even for the oiliest of skins. The best bet is to use glycerin based soaps.

Use Aloe Vera Gels

Use Aloe Vera gel which is commonly available off the shelf. It will absorb the oil on your face and clean the pores.

Use Astringents

You can use astringent like rubbing alcohol and other such solutions to degrease your skin. They will help remove oil on your skin in a jiffy.

Use Tissues

Even the paper tissues will do. Just rub them on the face gently.

Never Use Moisturizers

When the skin is already producing a fair amount of liquid, it makes no sense to apply additional moisturizers.

Use Cornstarch

Cornstarch solution is a very good way to remove oily patches from your face. Just add one table spoon of cornstarch in about five table spoons of water and let the resulting paste dry up on your face. Wash off using lukewarm water.

Use Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a great natural desiccant. Add some water to a spray bottle and mix one tablespoon water to it. Now spray some water on your face and wipe clean with a paper towel.