Most people blame their busy work schedules for their lack of exercise, and while this holds true for some people, others only use this as an excuse to avoid sweating out. If you really have the will to make a difference and squeeze some exercise into your daily routine, here are a few tips for you.

Wake up 40 minutes earlier than usual

If you set the alarm 40 minutes earlier than your usual time, you can have 10 minutes to get up, 10 to wash up and 20 to work out. While nothing beats jogging in the fresh morning air, if you are the lazy kind, you can do crunches, sit ups and pushups next to your bed and get back in for a short snooze. This will not only get some exercise in but also freshen up your body before you hit work.

Ditch the elevator and take the stairs

Most office buildings these days have elevators but no one stops you from using the stairs. Granted it might take a few minutes more for you to reach your floor but briskly going up a staircase can give you a good workout.

Don’t just sit and eat in your lunch break

If you have a lunch break at work (nearly everyone does), utilize it productively rather than just sitting and eating your food. If your work place has a gym, hit it for some light exercise, if not, you can go for a walk outside or in the lobby. Alternatively, you can keep a couple of stretch bands at work and use them for some basic exercises.

Jog home from work

Granted you are tired by the end of the workday but a job home can not only save commute money but also end your day on a high and boost your metabolism ahead of dinner. If you live close to your office you are in luck, but even if you reside far away, you can get a transport for some distance and jog the last patch.

Stay away from the couch

Don’t hit the couch as soon as you get home. If you can’t jog home, you can workout a little while you watch TV or wait for dinner. Use your couch instead for some raised pushups and do some crunches and dumbbell curls. If you have a treadmill at home, you can use it for a walk while you watch TV or catch your daily news updates.