Most people who go to the gym and work with trainers start to blindly trust them because they perceive that they might know everything, but this is actually not true. There’s no doubt that a few trainers know a lot about health and fitness and they can aid you in building up a perfect body. However, there are also a few who can be doubted because they don’t really put in a lot of effort to help you out during your workout regimes. There are certain health and fitness tips which you can easily receive online and there is a possibility that your trainers might not even tell you any of them. Here are a few which might help you out.

Abs are Made in the Kitchenwhat-personal-trainers-wont-share-with-you

Ever noticed how several trainers would spend almost 30 minutes every single day only to help you workout on your abs? It’s not the right way to go about things. The truth is, your kitchen can help you build the type of abs you desire. If you think you can eat whatever you want and workout in the gym for an hour and that will be good enough, your approach is absolutely wrong. Focus on your diet and then you can start working on that six pack which you always desired.


This is easy way to tell if your trainer knows what he/she is doing or if they just follow what they heard from someone else without actually doing the research themselves.   This advice, which is given with the intent of protecting your knees, is actually a large part of why squats get a bad rap for bothering your knees. When squats are not done right, not only they don’t provide proper results, more you do them, worst your knees will get.  According to Julie Smith of the top personal trainer platform in Dubai. “Right at about 90 degrees is when the most sheer force is present at the knee joint and that’s not good. A properly performed, full-depth (hip crease below knee) squat provides more stable loading of the knee joint by incorporating the hamstrings, and gets you stronger by utilizing more muscle mass through full range of motion.”

You Don’t Need a One-Hour Training Session

If you have a trainer who can’t push your muscles enough in 30 minutes, you must be paying for their company and not for their expertise. It’s true that certain workouts require longer rest periods, but for an average trainer this is not the case. You can easily warm-up and do the post-workout on your own. Don’t pay someone just to speak with you while you are working out.

Most of Your Results Come from what you Eat

Whether you are losing weight or gaining muscle, whatever the case may be, diet always makes up the bigger equation. If you want to start building muscle or you are trying to lose weight, try to get a good grip on what you are eating on a daily basis.