With poor stability and balance you can be vulnerable to slipping, falling and breaking bones. These risks can also be accelerated due to a cerebral vascular accident and stroke. In case you have weak stability and balance it is recommended that you take up exercise and training, which will help strengthen your muscles and improve your posture, but dedication on your part will also be required to be consistent with the routine. However, it is always better to consult your doctor first, before lacing up your sneakers.

Stretching exercises

Once getting clearance from the doctor, you need to start with some stretching exercises. It is suggested that you stretch your core muscles regularly for improved flexibility and balance.

Take out a few minutes every day to walk, jog, cycle or even swim. For maximum benefits it is recommended that you do these exercises almost three to five days a week.

Get a stability ball in order to exercise the core muscles. Now place this stability ball on a smooth surface and start practicing. The ball needs to be used for pushups, crunches and squats. This exercise needs to be done twice or thrice a week for maximum results.

Other useful exercises

There are several exercises you can perform on your own. Grab a chair and stand next to it. You need to hold the chair’s back with one hand and join your feet together as you stand. While staying in this position you need to lift your right ankle up towards your buttocks and then hold it with the help of your free hand (which is not holding the chair). Keep steady in this position for almost ten seconds before repeating on the other side. You can also let go of the chair and balance yourself on one foot, which will increase ankle and lower leg strength.

Stronger thighs

You need to focus on your thighs as they are very important when it comes to maintaining or improving the body’s balance. Squat press, lunges, leg extensions, and leg press are some of the most commonly practiced thigh muscle exercises which you should adopt. If you are not looking for any intensive exercises, then running and walking regularly should be enough to strengthen your thigh muscles.


Recent studies show that blueberries contain an anti-oxidant which is very helpful in treating balancing issues. In order to maintain a good balance it is recommended that you make blueberries a frequent part of your diet.