A quarterback in the most important player in football and while it is believed that the strength of a quarterback’s arm determines how good he is, the strength holds no meaning if he is not accurate. Strength alone is not enough; the quarterback needs to have excellent footwork, hand-eye coordination and ball-faking ability. A quarterback needs to do certain exercises and drills to keep himself fit and ready for every game. Keep reading this article to learn about some of these exercises.

Get-Back Drill

This drill helps prepare the quarterback to drop back after taking the snap from the centre. He needs to drop back, find an open receiver and then throw the ball in the receiver’s direction. Here the quarterback takes the snap from underneath the centre, then drops back three steps, sets up and throws the ball at the open receiver. The main objective is to release the ball quickly and while maintaining balance.

Quick-Release Drill

The quick release drill is as important as any other training. Here the quarterback is supposed to stand eight yards behind the line of scrimmage and with his coach right in front of him. The quarterback is supposed to scramble to his right five to seven yards at full speed, halt and then go to the opposite direction with same pace. During this exercise, the coach at any point can yet “ball” on which the quarterback has to throw the ball to the coach as quickly as possible. This drill helps train the quarterback into throwing the ball in an instant with accuracy.

Sprint-Out Exercise

Games today are extremely competitive, where most teams have to throw the ball almost 40 times, which puts the quarterback under tremendous pressure. It is imperative that the quarterback is trained to throw the ball on the run for which the sprint-out exercises are used. The quarterback needs to take the snap and then run out almost nine to ten yards and then shoot the ball to the wide receiver. The quarterback needs to throw ten times while going to his right and then ten times while moving to his left. This exercise makes a quarterback highly unpredictable and dangerous.

Progression Exercise

In this exercise the quarterback is trained to throw three different passes such as short, medium and long. This helps the quarterback develop versatility, making him unpredictable and dangerous for the opposition.