The Ab Lounge consists of a number of machines designed to tone your abdominal muscles through a full range of motion, without damaging your back. The abdominal machines include the Ab Lounge XL, the Ab Lounge Sport, and the Ab Lounge Ultra. These machines have a handle or strap at the top, which you can hold and use your arms to assist with crunches, thus minimizing the stress on your back that you normally feel when doing unassisted crunches. However, if you do not use an Ab Lounge correctly, you may end up overdoing with your arms and not getting results for your abs. Another drawback is that improper use of these machines can still strain your neck and back. Continue reading to know how to use an ab lounge correctly.

Set yourself on the machine

Lie on your back on the machine, with hands on your sides. Hook your feet under the bar, adjusting the length of the bar if you cannot reach it comfortably. Some machines also have foot pad for holding feet.  Press your neck and lower back into the machine by tightening your abs, and do not let them come off the machine while performing the exercise, otherwise you may not get the benefits of the Ab Lounge. Also make sure your neck is in line with the spine and your chin is tilted away from your chest. In the end hold onto the handles above your hand. Hold the handles lightly, do not squeeze too hard.

Hold your ab muscles tight

Before doing the crunch, engage your ab muscles by drawing in your abdominals as if you are sucking in your stomach to wear a tight pair of jeans.

Pull yourself up in the seated position

Now breathe out and tauten your abs even more as you pull yourself up keeping your body almost perpendicular to the floor. Use your arms as little possible and make sure your back, legs and neck are relaxed. However, if you are new to ab lounge, do use your hands until your abs are strong enough to help you lift up the machine without much effort. However, once your abdominal muscles get stronger, just lightly touch the handles to support yourself.

Complete the crunch

After reaching the maximum height you can attain without over exerting your back, lower yourself back down to complete the crunch. Inhale deeply. Move slowly and with control as you lower yourself back into the machine, do not just drop back down. Start with as many as 10 crunches and increase the number as you gain the experience.