Weight issues and obesity are generally due to overeating and most people can’t differentiate between feeling satisfied and feeling full. Just like your body gives you signals when it is hurt, it also gives you signals when it is full. However, a lot of people generally ignore these signals and continue eating till they can literally eat no more. If you also have over eating issues, the following tips will help you deal with them.

Concentrate on the food

Majority of the people watch TV while they eat, which diverts their attention and they don’t concentrate much on eating. This inevitably leads to overeating because you don’t notice, observe or realize how much you have eaten and how you feel inside. When eating like this, you only stop when your stomach starts hurting.

Always take proper portions

Even if you feel like taking a snack, lay it out in a plate and sit down to eat it. Standing and grazing at supplies and jars leads to overeating. Taking out a proper portion in a plate helps you control how much you eat.

Eat only when hungry

Most of you might think you are hungry, but your body does not really need the food. Being hungry and actually needing food is different from wanting to gorge on your favorite pie. It is important that you recognize the feeling of hunger and only eat when your body demands it.

Chew your food properly

Gulping down spoonfuls is a major reason behind overeating. Chewing properly is essential in order to time your intake and digest it properly. Breaking the food into small pieces helps you savor the taste and feel satisfied, as opposed to downing large chunks.

Slow down and take your time

The body needs time to recognize when it is full and then send you a signal – if you keep gulping food down, you will be moving ahead of your body and not know that you have eaten enough until it is too late. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to eat slowly, with small gaps between bites.

Don’t go for a full course

If you want to have a bit of everything, take out your portions in a plate and eat it all together. Going for a full course lunch or dinner is a sure way to overeat. Put some of that soufflé along with your grilled chicken and eat both from one plate instead of gorging on the chicken first and then getting the dessert.