Are you running out of ideas related to Christmas gifts for fitness buffs? Well, try giving out something that helps the other person out. We have lined up the best gifts for Christmas 2013 and they will help your loved one maintain his/her fitness.

Fitness Journals

A fitness journal commits you to stay fit and write down everything you have done regarding your fitness on a daily basis. If you see that your loved one is not concentrating and committing himself/herself to a fitness program, gift them a fitness journal and they will feel motivated to start a workout regime.

Gift Voucher to Sporting Store

Relying on a gift voucher of a sporting store is nothing to feel bad about. If you don’t want to spend much on Christmas, then utilize that gift voucher and get something for free. Give the gift voucher to your loved ones and let them take a hold of that free gift so they can utilize it for their own fitness.

Sporting Equipment

This is the perfect option for any age. Since you know what the other person loves to play, simply give them what they would want to do all day, and remain fit at the same time. There are several sporting options to choose from; from a football to footwear.


Massages are considered to be old but gold. What’s better than gifting someone some time to relax while taking a massage? Get yourself a booking for a massage centre and send your friend instead, telling them that you bought this massage for them as a Christmas gift. You can even join them in the massage centre and enjoy a massage yourself. This way the two of you can bond in a quiet place.

Appointment with Nutritionist

At times you are doing the right thing when it comes to exercising, but you are not eating the right type of food. Stop experimenting with your diet plans and meet a professional. A gift does not really mean that you have to wrap things up inside a wrapping paper; in fact, this will probably be the best Christmas gift for your friend who wants to return to full fitness. A trip to the nutritionist will help him/her regain fitness through healthy eating.

Monthly Membership for a Gym

A monthly membership for a gym is going to give your friend the much-needed motivation to start going to the gym in the first place. If you believe your friend needs to go to the gym, buy him/her a gym membership and once they start going, they will most definitely continue it in the months to come.