With Christmas almost here, you are about to get extremely busy. It is safe to say that holidays are probably the busiest time of the year. You don’t have any time to give to yourself since there is a lot of shopping to be done, a lot of parties to be attended and things to be planned. Even if you are a fitness-conscious person, you will find it hard to give time to yourself.

In order to tackle this problem, we have come out with the perfect solution. You need to blend in a few small exercises in your everyday chores so that you don’t go out of shape and stay fit during the holidays.

Exercise while you shop

Shopping takes away most of your precious time during the day. Don’t worry, there’s still hope. If you can’t find time to exercise, you can incorporate a few exercises in your shopping routine. For instance, when you go out to shop, simply park the car far away from where you want to go. The long walk will help you get some physical activity into your day.

In case you are visiting large malls, try not to use the elevators or the escalators and take the stairs instead. This will help your thigh muscles and you will burn several calories as well.

Lastly, while you are waiting for someone to make your bill, you can actually stand on one leg while you have the other bent in such a way that your heel is touching your back. Hold it there as this will provide you with a good stretching exercise.

Exercise on family dinners

Family dinners are unhealthy for people who are too conscious about their fitness. However, you can help yourself by taking the whole family out for a walk. Right after you have eaten your dinner, simply ask them that you would like to move out for a little while to see the lights and enjoy the night. Since you can’t leave them on this occasion, you can always take a walk with them.

If you are opting to play videogames during the night, then play the ones which involve more physical movement. Nintendo’s Wii is famous for its motion-based gaming console and if you don’t own one, you can ask around and borrow one from a friend for the night.

Planning ahead

This will really help you get things done easily. If you think you have a hectic routine which involves absolutely no exercise, then start planning ahead. Start waking up an hour earlier from the actual time and do a few exercises which will help you maintain your fitness. In this case, yoga is also a feasible option for you.

If you really want to stay fit during the holidays you will have to be disciplined along with all these tips. It is easy to give in to indulgence but you will regret any bad fitness choices once the holidays are over.